Housing and Homelessness: Unlocking the Value of Data Sharing

Primary Stakeholder: Public Housing Authorities

Housing is inextricably linked to health, making the housing sector a crucial partner for data sharing initiatives focused on improving community health. It’s clear that integrated data that is timely, accurate, and precise can be a powerful tool for stakeholders in both sectors, empowering them to better understand issues in their communities, make smarter decisions, and improve results. This paper provides guidance for exploring the value of sharing data with the housing sector, focusing on the specific stakeholder of public housing authorities. It addresses the following components:

  1. General background on public housing authorities and their partners
  2. Important drivers and concerns of public housing authorities and their partners (e.g. financing, accountability, competitors, etc.)
  3. The value of data sharing for public housing authorities and their partners

In the introduction to this series, we provide a basic method for reaching out to those in your community who may share your interest in collaborating and sharing data. We invite you to consider how to approach housing colleagues using the framework and guiding questions in the introductory paper. Similar papers on other sectors will be available at dashconnect.org/value.

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