Explaining the Value of Data Sharing: Lessons Learned

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Health leaders, including those in public health, are increasingly engaging and mobilizing community partners from multiple sectors to share and use data to address social determinants and improve population health. Building meaningful relationships with other sectors requires engagement and determination of common values that clearly map to the potential benefits of collaboration and data sharing. This is no easy task, as different entities engaged in data sharing projects, particularly those f...

How Multi-Sector Collaborations Are Navigating Decisions About Data

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that finding solutions to society’s greatest public health challenges will require bringing a broad range of stakeholders and sectors together to unleash the full potential of their data. These data-driven community collaboratives are essential vehicles for helping decision-makers understand and address the social and environmental factors that influence health. In a previous blog post, we discussed tips for building and sustaining multi-sector partnerships to...

Improving Health Through Data Sharing: What Have We Learned?

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As communities nationwide acknowledge that the biggest drivers of health are social, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors, there is growing interest and investment in accessing and using data from these sectors to improve health. A widespread collection of local initiatives is testing exciting new ways to transform the health of communities through multi-sector partnerships to share data, but the practitioners engaging in this complex work face several challenges—from integrating disp...