DASH Mentor Program Questions and Answers

What is the approximate time commitment from the mentor per month?
DASH has not published an expected time commitment, though we are mindful of the award amount and the opportunities and limitations that amount represents. It may be helpful to consider how much of the mentor resources would support project development for the mentors themselves, and how much would be focused on time spent with and on behalf of the mentee cohort. The program description includes information on potential mentorship activities, and potential mentors are encouraged to consider the value to themselves and to the field of additional activities.

Is the mentor to mentee a 1:1, or 1:multiple mentees relationship?
The expected relationship will reflect a single mentor working with multiple mentees.

Are mentors the agency or the individual from an agency that is an All In participant (i.e. BUILD)?
Mentorship is intended to represent the experience of an organization and its data sharing collaboration partners. The application should identify the person or persons from the organization who will be participating in the mentorship project.

Can I, as an individual, apply if my agency does not?
Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations and public (government) entities. It is not open to private entities or individuals.

If you are a member of All In, but have not participated so far in the community, does this disqualify you from being as an awardee, even if you have an advanced working collaboration in place?
If you are a member of All In and you meet the organizational requirements detailed above, your organization is eligible to apply. The ideal candidate will be an advanced working collaboration that has already been engaged within the All In network.

Will you have another separate CiC-START funding round separate from this mentor program?
Yes. The next round of CIC-START will be announced this fall. We expect to have a second round of the mentor program in 2019.

What is the application process for the mentees? Has that begun?
DASH mentors will participate in the selection of a small group of community collaborations that have a common opportunity or problem and would address that issue together under the direction of the mentor, with support from the DASH National Program Office. We envision a 1-2 month period after the kick-off of the program to recruit and select mentees before the cohort collaborative will be finalized.

I can see at least four areas of expertise we could provide mentoring in, so in the application my answers will change based on the area of expertise. Is answering the application in this way okay?
Yes. The Mentor Interest Survey is intended to identify those organizations that have the interest and capacity to mentor other collaborations within the All In network. Please use the Interest Survey as best as you can to represent your interests and expertise.

Is the mentor helping the mentees solve/help progress their project/problem OR is the mentor equally involved in the project/problem to solve? I am getting confused between the two roles.
This is a great question, and helps to illustrate the possible mentorship options. Mentors may propose to lead work on a problem or opportunity that will be of interest to other (mentee) communities, or they may propose a mentorship model where they provide advice and counsel to other communities while they advance their own work. Each role has value and will be considered, as will some hybrid between the two models.

How many mentor(s) do you intend to award?
DASH has allocated $250,000 for mentor activity in 2018. The maximum award will be $50,000 and may vary depending on the scope of activity. We expect to award up to five mentor awards.

Would any organization who is part of All In and who completed the survey receive an invitation to apply?
Not necessarily. The Mentor Program Interest Survey is intended to identify the current universe of potential mentors for 2018. Over 80 people registered for the informational webinar, but we do not know how many organizations will fill out the survey. We will invite as many organizations from the completed survey as are eligible and determined to make effective mentor applicants.

Is the Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) Mentor Program national in scope?
DASH is a National Program Office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, supporting communities acorss the country. DASH mentors may propose mentoring communities with a regional or national connection.

What will we be able/not able to use the funds for? 
We expect that the majority of mentor funds will be used to support staff participation in the mentor program, and/or costs related to the particular multi-sector data sharing activity underway. DASH follows the guidelines RWJF publishes regarding use of funds. If you are selected to apply for the mentor program, we will provide full instructions about allowable and disallowable expenses.

Is there a need to deliver a practical data solution or would driving conversations, capacity and pushing toward collaboration be considered a good outcome?
Regardless of project focus, we expect that mentor applicants will propose reasonable and measurable deliverables. While a $50,000 grant split between multiple organizations is not expected to create a “practical data solution” where none existed before, we expect proposals to reflect a measurable increase in organizational capacity or measurable progress towards a collaboration’s goal.