Data for Black Lives Takes the Movement Digital

Data as protest. Data as accountability. Data as collective action.

In the face of racial injustice and the effects of systemic voids in data representative of black communities, Data for Black Lives raises awareness and provides resources and tools for those who will activate for change. Read more about the organization and its efforts to empower data activists, black healthcare workers, and black communities to communicate, make demands, raise awareness and share the true impact of COVID 19 in the face of disproportionate reporting.  Access existing data sources including county level, census, and death rates for black communities.

What can you do?

At DASH and All In, over 200 collaborations are working together to promote community health through data, collaboration, and community leadership. Driving this effort is the fight for racial justice and health equity – without which people cannot reach their optimal level of health and communities cannot thrive.

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