ReThink Health invites you to share your experience as a steward of well-being

We are experiencing multiple systemic crises at once—including Covid-19, racially-motivated violence and injustice, and an economic recession—and one result is that more and more people see and understand that our lives and livelihoods depend on each other and on a system that is poorly designed for equitable outcomes.

As we learn alongside one another to determine how to bring about a better system—designed for everyone to thrive, without exceptions—ReThink Health is committed to fielding a Tracking Poll for Stewards of Well-Being. We’re asking a diversity of leaders about their efforts to navigate system changes during this time of crisis and transition, and sharing what they say with stewards across the world.

Read more in this blog post by Jane Erickson at ReThink Health.  Participate in the Tracking Poll here.