Civic Canopy Engagement Session

There are thousands of COVID-19-related resource lists out there and still, we’ve got questions about how to meet community needs during this time. In partnership with the All In Network, The Civic Canopy is hosting a learning session where people can problem-solve together.

Register for our Learning Session on How to (Meaningfully) Engage Remotely on Jun 30, 2020 12 PM CST. To seed the conversation, some of the topics we’ll discuss are:

  • Re-imagining easy-to-use tools
  • Making participation multi modal
  • Rethinking meeting roles
  • Addressing barriers

Sometimes it is hard talking about these sticky issues with local partners. This learning session will provide an opportunity to dive into a discussion with peers across the state to share what you have tried and what worked. Bring your best tips and tricks.

There will be a follow-up workshop on July 7, 2020 12PM CST to discuss applications of these tips and tricks into your day to day work.