Your DASH & All In Guide to the 3rd Annual Community Information Exchange Summit

Originally scheduled for May, the 2020 Community Information Exchange (CIE) Summit has moved to a virtual platform and is taking place on August 12-14. The COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd has cast a spotlight on the impacts of systemic racism. The harmful impacts of long standing social and economic inequities that contribute to ill health are a public health emergency that can be mitigated by connecting information systems across sectors. The CIE Summit brings together key community organizations such as United Ways, 2-1-1 systems, and community-based organizations; and social, health, non-profit, research data, with philanthropy, education, technology and government thought leaders from across the nation to engage in interactive discussions about the future of community collaborations and information exchange. Plenaries and breakout sessions will focus on care coordination innovations to address social determinants of health needs with the overall goal of advancing equity for all. 

At DASH, we believe peer-to-peer connection and learning is essential to build capacity to share data across multiple sectors to promote community health and health equity, which is why we are a proud sponsor of the Summit and partner in All In: Data for Community Health. We’re excited to explore new ways of connecting virtually using the Whova platform, which you will need to have downloaded in order to participate.  To maintain connections made at the Summit and beyond, All In has created a Community Information Exchange group on the online community platform. This is a space to connect with CIE Summit Speakers, other DASH CIE scholars, and other attendees for follow-up and ongoing discussion. During the Summit, here’s where you can find DASH and All In, as well as ways to make the most of your digital experience.

Please note, the times below are identified in Pacific Standard Time. The hyperlinks will direct you to the session agenda for more information. 

Where to find us on Wednesday, August 12



Time: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PST

Description: This session is designed for those in the earlier stages of building a Community Information Exchange in their community and is open to 211s, United Ways, and other backbone organizations. This event will review the key elements of a CIE, offer diverse perspectives sharing insights on moving toward multi-sector collaboration and coordination, and host interactive guided discussions. Attendees will learn about leveraging and elevating the work of 211s, and other collaborative organizations as the landscape continue to change and multi-sector collaboration becomes imperative to work. Convene in discussion groups at the end of the session with DASH Mentees in the United Way Worldwide and San Diego 211 Mentorship among others. Limited Seating. Pre-registration is required.

Guided Discussion: The CIE Roadmap: A Planning Tool for Success

Join the CIE and DASH team in sharing the stages of creating a local CIE. We will be leading an open discussion around key phases, processes and exercises in spearheading initial conversations with partners around making the case for a CIE in your community. Participants will explore how to identify stakeholder needs and resources to inform successful planning for the development of a CIE.

Time: 1:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. PST

Description: Multi-sector collaborations from across the country are building their capacity to share and leverage data in order to positively impact the health of their communities. Many have come together to share their experiences, wins and failures through All In: Data for Community Health, a national peer learning network. Come hear from two speakers representing communities that are in the earlier stages of their journey to build a Community Information Exchange. They will share how they participated in the DASH Mentorship program with San Diego 211 and during that time, worked to cultivate buy-in, build relationships and prioritize community-based organizations’ needs and interests. Attendees will learn how to join All In and take advantage of member perks including a robust online community.

Speakers: John Mazzello Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County; Will Spencer, 2-1-1 Broward, Anna Barnes, IPHI, DASH, All In and Peter Eckart, IPHI, DASH, All In

Use the Whova app to submit questions to the speakers for this session! 

  • Session Title: Meet the Experts: Disruption Dialogue Sponsored by Union Bank

Time: 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. PST

Session Description: This unique experience allows attendees to gain insight and knowledge on a variety of topics by talking with key leaders and forward-thinking experts through casual conversations. 

Find us at 2 of the 7 subsessions.

Community Networks and Connectivity

Moderators: Miriam Castro, IPHI, DASH, All In and Susan Martinez, IPHI, DASH, All In

Strengthening Community-Based Social Services through Data Sharing 

Moderators: Solomon Collins, IPHI, DASH, All In and Peter Echkart IPHI, DASH, All In

Where to Find us on Thursday, August 13

Time: 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. PST

Description: Considering the larger policy landscape for multi-sector collaboration and data sharing, DASH and Pew Charitable Trusts: Health Impact Project will describe their experience and understanding of the shifting landscape and describe their program initiatives aligned with policy development and systems change. The Crisis Response Network will describe their statewide approach to engaging multiple sectors to connect HMIS, 211, and MCO data in Arizona. Session attendees will also hear from Calling All Sectors’ insights into their Michigan core team’s efforts integrating an equity lens into their grantmaking process. The session will include opportunities for session attendees to describe the policy environments in their jurisdictions and how it promotes or hinders data-sharing.

Speakers: Peter Eckart, IPHI, DASH, All In, Ty Rosensteel, Crisis Response Network, Ninma Fearon, Pew Charitable Trusts, and Kerk Allen, Pew Charitable Trusts

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Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST 

Description: Housing is Healthcare! Has this early battle cry led to actionable learnings about incorporating one of the most fundamental “SDOH” into services and supports for individuals that cross organizational – and sectoral – boundaries? This session will feature insights into HMIS partnerships and innovative tools, co-designed by community partners, to achieve health equity and help bridge the gap between housing and healthcare.

Speakers: Soojin Conover, Vital Village Network, Boston Medical Center, Kallol Mahata, Patient Care Intervention Center, Gabriel Schuster, Corporation for Supportive Housing

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  • Title: Virtual Networking Happy Hour Networking

Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m. PST.

Join All In for a Virtual Happy Hour Networking Event. The Virtual Happy Hour Networking Event creates a space for All In members to learn from their peers doing similar work across the country.  To access the Virtual Happy Hour in the Whova conference app, either via the desktop browser or the mobile app, go to the Community tab. In the browser version, the Community tab can be found on the left-hand side of the screen in the list of tabs. In the mobile app, the Community tab can be found at the bottom of the screen in the list of tabs. Once you have clicked on the Community tab, click on Meet-ups & Virtual Meets. This will bring you to the list of available events. Scroll down until you find the All In Virtual Happy Hour and click the RSVP button, or to review the event details, click the Details button, which will bring you into the event where you can RSVP, share the event, and invite others to join!

Where to Find us on Friday, August 14

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST

Session Description: Interest in upstream approaches to health and equity are raising the profile of community-based social service providers and the unique relationships and expertise they bring to multi-sector collaborations. United Ways and their partners are building on a historic legacy of community action across the country. They are eager to share their lessons and the ways in which they are building the national movement for integrating CBOs, public health and health care. Come hear from three communities leading transformational change with community voice at the center, driving the technology solutions needed to implement responsive interventions and guiding urgent policy and systems changes, which have been especially amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speakers: Mary Miller, United Way of South Hampton Roads, Laura Gustin, United Way of Greater Rochester, Paul Sorenson, University of Missouri St. Louis Community Innovation, Edwin Goutier, United Way Worldwide

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Time: 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST

Session Description: Reflecting on the last three days of sessions and dialogue, co-collaborators will share their insights on the future of multi-sector data work, as well as the impact of the current pandemic and social justice protests on our mission to advance cross-sector collaboration and data sharing to advance equity.

Speakers: Peter Eckart, IPHI, DASH, All In, Damon Francis, Health Leads, Caroline Fichtenberg, SIREN, UCSF, Nick Macchione, County of San Diego HHSA, William York 2-1-1 San Diego / CIE, Rhea Boyd, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

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Here are our official recommended “to-dos” between now and CIE:

  1. Update your profile (or register) for the All In Online Community where you can continue the conversation in a CIE Community moderated by 211 San Diego.
  2. Download Whova, the virtual conference app. You should receive instructions for this when you register. You may want to “poke around” beforehand – it’s exciting to see the Summit being converted to a digital experience.
  3. Use the Whova app to submit questions to the speakers of the sessions you plan to attend.
  4. Engage with the All In Network: keeping the conversations going after CIE.

Find DASH and All In, in the Digital Exhibit Hall through Whova

In the Whova app Home Page, scroll down and select the Exhibitors button, then click All Exhibitors to reveal the list of exhibitors. Scroll down the list and select Data Across Sectors for Health. Once in the DASH exhibit, you can review the DASH summary and “like” the booth. Drop in and say hello! To chat with a DASH staff member, click the Comments box. In the chat feature, you can ask questions or request a one-on-one to connect with a DASH staff member. 

View the entire CIE schedule here. We’re excited to see you in August!