2021 National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health

Thank you for participating in the 2021 National Inventory survey. On behalf of All In: Data for Community Health, Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) is conducting The 2021 National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health to better understand organizations that may form multi sector collaborations in the United States, their capacity for data sharing to equitably improve health, and to assess progress in this field among multi sector collaborations.

Your participation with the survey will also help us identify areas for further learning and opportunities to support.

Survey sections:

Section 1: Information regarding your organization

Section 2: Information about engagement in any multi sector data sharing collaborations in your community

Section 3: The capacity of a collaboration to share data across sectors with which you engage, if applicable

Please share the survey link with others who should be included in The National Inventory.

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How will we use this data?

Your results will help inform practitioners and policymakers about the power and potential of these collaborations, as well as common challenges or facilitators. The results will inform the work in this field and help guide the development of tools, resources and technical assistance, which will then be offered back to all respondents. On Behalf of All In: Data for Community Health, DASH will publish a report including summary information from the whole survey; all respondents will receive a copy at the email address provided in the survey.  This report and any other materials reflecting The National Inventory will be posted to the All In website at www.allindata.org

With your permission, specified basic directory information about your collaboration and its goals and data sharing activities will be available in an online directory and map. 

For additional inquiries

If you have any questions, please email us at info@dashconnect.org with the subject line: “The National Inventory.”