DASH Awardees

Learning and Action in Policy and Partnerships (LAPP)

In LAPP’s first cohort, grantees from six states received funding and technical assistance to enhance community data sharing capabilities and foster relationships between state governments, community based-organizations, and community members. In the second round of funding, LAPP grants supported coordinated local or state government and community partnerships to leverage COVID-19 relief funds to advance policies for data-sharing and data-integration efforts, improve a culture of health and advance equity, and, importantly, inform state policy development.

DASH CIC-START, Community Impact, and ABCD Cohorts

DASH Community Impact Contracts – Strategic, Timely, Actionable, Replicable, Targeted (CIC-START) was designed to help local collaborations catalyze their efforts to share and use multi-sector data to improve community health. Contracts of up to $25,000 supported time-limited activities to build local collaborations’ skills and capacity at the community or regional level to take meaningful steps toward planning or implementing multi-sector data systems.  The Cohort participants receive funding and support to tackle racial justice and health equity challenges in their community by learning new strategies to form multi-sector partnerships inclusive of community leadership that share and use data to work toward improved health equity. The 2022 cohort focused on Asset-Based Community Development.

DASH Mentor Program

The DASH Mentor Program supports experienced organizations to create opportunities that foster learning and implementation for small groups of “mentees.” Each cohort is led by a Mentor and comprised of communities that share a common interest in improving their local capacity to share multi-sector data as it relates to a particular topic area. Thirty-two mentees have been selected for six cohorts.

DASH Original Grantees

In February 2016, DASH awarded ten grants, totaling $2 million, to support projects that improve health through multi-sector data sharing collaborations. These DASH grantees received up to $200,000 each to develop and implement multi-sector data sharing projects addressing a range of public health challenges over the course of 18 months.