Field Sensing Feedback

Throughout this crisis the DASH PO has been reaching out to our network of programs and service providers to learn what is working (& what isn’t) community by community in response to the crisis. Here are some of the things we are hearing:

  • In New Jersey, the Camden Coalition is working on a variety of fronts to tap into its Health Information Exchange (HIE) to support the regional COVID response. They’ve built a variety of tableau-based dashboards based on the lab and hospital data in the HIE to look at hospital bed capacity, demographic trends in who’s getting tested, who is being more seriously impacted by the disease, and geographic changes over time (to name just a few). They’ve built out clinical and social risk flags within the HIE so that at-risk populations can be identified and engaged in prevention efforts and be supported in social distancing.
  • Neighboring Trenton Health Team works with an online tool, NowPow to help caregivers address economic and social conditions affecting an individual’s health and well-being. Integrating NowPow with the THT Health Information Exchange (HIE) enables users to make referrals based on a client’s health and social needs. Check out the Trenton Health Team on the All In Podcast.
  • In San Francisco, Health Leads’ Bay Area Learning Initiative (BALI) team, led a Policy Through Storytelling project pre-COVID, but turned their attention to focus on tenant rights and protection advocacy during the current COVID crisis. As a result of their COVID response, BALI is seeing a growth in the number and strength of their network as well as an influx of positive messages from community members.  (Read more)

Field Sensing Feedback May 29, 2020