Listening Session: May 29, 2020

On Friday, May 29, 2020, All In hosted a second “Listening Session titled Using Data Systems to Prioritize Equity in a Time of Crisis.” Attended by 62 participants, the Listening Session, provided a virtual space where participants learned from one another about what is working in response to COVID.

Here is a roundup of those conversations:

Conscientious overrepresentation of community voices in decision-making. 

Lauren Pennachio of Health Leads’ Bay Area Learning Initiative speaks on the Housing is Health Project. Their approach is a community-led, community-informed strategy that overrepresents community voice in leadership and decision-making for managing housing during COVID and beyond.

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Community asked for race & ethnicity data to be included in dashboards—which we did.

Seattle King County Epidemiologist Amy Laurent talks about the importance of prioritizing community voice even in crisis.  They created a COVID toolbox that helped vulnerable populations advocate for services in their communities.

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Data sharing looks different during COVID.

Accelerated by COVID-induced needs data sharing looks a little different during this crisis. Amy Laurent speaks on reaching an agreement in 3 days that would otherwise take months and overcoming other barriers to data.

Ensuring aggressive COVID testing is done in an equitable fashion 

Barry Keppard, Director of the Public Health Department at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), on making sure aggressive COVID testing targets in Massachusetts is done in an equitable fashion.

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Keppard also observes, When times are tough, vulnerable people are hurt the most. When times are good, the people hurt the most are often served the least.

Amy Laurent and Lauren Pennachio share insights on contact tracing with vulnerable populations.

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Greg Bloom shares on a coronavirus memorial project. What does collective grief and communal mourning look like? What does it look like in a virtual space as we reach the 100,000 mark?

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Also, check out a moving episode of The Daily on this topic recommended by Lih-Lan Hu.

Lauren Pennachio “COVID-19 is not a moment.”

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Check out the entire Listening Session here:

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