National Program Office

Selected by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in February 2015, the DASH National Program Office (NPO) is led by the Illinois Public Health Institute, in partnership with the Michigan Public Health Institute. The NPO is responsible for executing activities that support multi-sector collaborations that share data and information to improve the health of their communities. NPO activities include:

  • Monitoring and providing technical assistance to grantees and other affiliates who test and implement innovative practices in order to understand the most significant levers for community health impact, best practices, and other lessons learned
  • Building and disseminating the evidence base for the field in order to deepen and refine our understanding of the environment and increase the number, capacity, and quality of community data sharing initiatives
  • Developing and maintaining extensive relationships with practitioners and experts nationwide in order to develop a consensus approach to advance the field

Responsible staff members at the National Program Office are:

  • IPHI
    • Elissa Bassler, CEO
    • Waldo Mikels-Carrasco, Director for Center for Health Information Sharing and Innovation / DASH PO Co-Director
    • Amanda Cavanagh, Senior Program Manager
    • Anna Barnes, Program Director
    • Andras Ferencz, Communications Manager
    • Celestine Emberton, Administrative Assistant
    • Esther Babawande, Comms / Special Projects Assistant
    • Miriam Castro, Program Manager
    • Ruchi Patel, Intern
    • Solomon Collins, Communications Associate
    • Susan Martinez, Program Associate
  • MPHI
    • Renee Canady, CEO
    • Clare Tanner, Director for Center for Data Management and Translational Research / DASH PO Co-Director
    • Melissa Moorehead, Project Manager / Policy Strategist
    • Patty Orvis, Program Coordinator
    • Trevor Strzyzykowski, Senior Research Associate
    • Stephanie Johnson, Research Associate
    • Beenish Kamran, Research Associate
    • Kara Mannor, Research Associate
    • Charlene Huffine, Finance and Contracts Manager
    • Shaohui Zhai, Statistician

Contact the NPO: